Meet Fotogalleriet's new Youth Council

Fotogalleriet's Youth Council has been established in collaboration with TrAP and will support Curatorial Fellow Dahir Hussein in his work towards an exhibition opening spring 2023.


The Youth Council serves as an important source of resources for Fotogalleriet, to discuss ideas about what characterises young art enthusiasts in Oslo. In addition, they will be involved in planning and learn how an art exhibition is formed, what motives and driving forces contribute.

Through a workshop format, the group is convened to reflect on social science issues using information from various digital or physical sources and discuss the purpose and relevance of the sources. The aim is to create space to discuss cultural experiences, opportunities and challenges in multicultural societies. The council will provide an opportunity to develop experiences of art, design and architecture and cultural heritage in a global perspective.

With the Youth Council Fotogalleriet wants to ask what value art can have as a source of knowledge about society and historical processes. The Youth Council will advise us and make the art field more aware of how our attitudes are formed and how the individual and society can counteract these attitudes.


Art history in teaching materials and in other media channels often shows people from the majority population in this country. There is a need for material and artistic expressions that reflect cultural diversity - especially in Oslo.

In collaboration with TrAP and Nøkkel Til Byen and with funding from Balansekunst, Bergesenstiftelsen, Kulturtanken and Kulturrådet, Fotogalleriet has in recent years worked to create a curatorial fellow position to increase access to this type of defining power in the art field. Curator Fellow Dahir Hussein started working at Fotogalleriet in the beginning of 2022. Hussein will be the exhibition curator for one of four exhibitions at Fotogalleriet in 2023.

Dahir Hussein is a multidisciplinary artist based in Oslo with origins in Somalia and came to Norway as a single minor refugee in 2005. Has previously lived in Bergen and worked freelance with work that spans a wide field in sales, marketing of art, project work in the art and music industry. Hussein moved to Oslo in 2016 where he continued to work with freelance work in events and festivals for major players such as Oslo World, SALT, VICE and Øya.

In 2021, Hussein worked as a curator at the Historical Museum in Oslo. Together with artist Liban Hussein, Hussein's contribution to the exhibition 'Memory On The Horizon' contextualized studio photographs taken in Northeast Africa and Somalia in the 1960s and 1980s.

Hussein's interest in curatorial practice is concerned with helping to create a unique and innovative performative art experience and provide insight into the challenges and expectations that in 2022 characterize young people with a multicultural background in Norway. Using visual art, sound design and textual interventions, Hussein has used his experience as a Somali-Norwegian artist as a goal to weave between diasporas viewpoints to challenge definitions and interpretation.

Hussein wants to use the year in the PhD position to "examine his own thoughts and expectations for a creative work led by professional and newly established artists, and strengthen the environment between interdisciplinary institutions, artists and art enthusiasts in Oslo's underground scenes."

Photo: Sakib Saboor (Robin Hassanieh and Sair Alam were not present when the photo was taken)