Agenda TeXt - window exhibition 2022

While our exhibition room is closed during the summer holidays, Fotogalleriet and Agenda X invite visitors and passersby to a text-based exhibition installed in our windows in the heart of Oslo, open 24 hours a day! The exhibition consists of text, photos and videos available via QR code.

The texts are part of the project Agenda teXt under the auspices of Oslo's Anti-Racist Center's youth department, Agenda X. They were submitted by young people between 13 and 26 years of age, and are created through courses, individual guidance and competitions. Agenda teXt is an interdisciplinary and process-based initiative that promotes young voices through art and culture. The initiative unites different branches of art, and results in productions that are displayed in galleries, urban spaces, on stage, screen, website and the print between two binders. Agenda teXt is based on youth participation, and involves professional artists, supervisors and relevant art and cultural arenas.

Exhibited texts are by Naomi Medina, Saffa, Amanda Anvar, Rahel Beraki, Fatima Talia, Farhad Soufi, Sana El Moussaoui, D4NC3 and Momina Hassan, in addition to QR codes that lead to the project's website with works by SAK, Labeebah Qureshi, Zahra Al-Shorayer, Asha Abullahi, Oda Paaske, Shayma Abubaker Nuur, Abdirahmaan Hasan, Ayan Ahmed Arale, Ameli, Selma Helene Skaret Kielland and Fariha Fatima Malik.

The texts are shown in Fotogalleriets's windows facing Møllergata in the heart of Oslo from Friday 1 July to Monday 22 August 2022.

See www.agendatext.com for published texts and more information about the measure.


Agenda X has worked since 1998 to create opportunities for and with young people who grow up in a multicultural environment. Our vision is a socially just society where all young people, regardless of background, are active participants and providers of premises in their own lives, in society and in the field of art and culture. The work is based on principles of anti-racism, equal opportunities, youth participation, volunteering, the young-to-young method, empowerment, as well as building and making role models visible. The work includes several different social and art and cultural initiatives.

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Designer and editor: Martine Næss Johansen

General Manager: Sahar Hassani

Leader, cultural activities: Miriam Haile

Project Manager Agenda TeXt: Marie Dahl Lund


Fotogalleriet is the first Nordic institution dedicated exclusively to photography as a critical artistic practice. Since its founding in 1977, Fotogalleriet has, through dissemination and exhibitions, acted as a bridge-builder between national and international artistry and discourses. Shown in 2022 so far have been the exhibition projects Queer Icons (Skeive Ikoner) by Fin Serck-Hanssen, Bjørn Hatterud and Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs with HAiKw / and Claiming Space (Ta Plass), curated by Bassel Hatoum on behalf of the organisation for queer people with a minority background Skeiv Verden.

In 2022-23, Fotogalleriet has its first Curatorial Fellow Dahir Hussein with support from the Norwegian Arts Council (Kulturrådet), Balansekunst, and the Bergesen Foundation, as well as it's first Youth Council, established in collaboration with TrAP. Fotogalleriet has ongoing collaborations on productions for mediation and educational purposes and increased access to the cultural field with TrAP, Nøkkel til Byen, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken, Kulturtanken, Kunsthallene i Norge, Oslo Kunstforening, and OsloMet.

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Artistic Director: Antonio Cataldo

Exhibition leader: Camilla von Køppen / Miki Gebrelul

Responsible for communication and communication: Håkon Lillegraven

Digital advisor and communicator: Sakib Saboor

Curator Fellow: Dahir Hussein

Technician: Alf Ollett

Agenda TeXt has received support from Kulturtanken and the Cultural Council.

Fotogalleriet's exhibitions, mediation and other programming are always free and open to everyone. Welcome!