with Wencke Mühleisen, Tore Slaatta, The White Pube and Maria Pasenau. Moderated by Danby Choi.


TIME: SEPTEMBER 21, 14:00-16:00

In connection with Maria Pasenau's exhibition PASENAU AND THE DEVIL and its interconnected eponymous publication, Fotogalleriet will dedicate an afternoon conversation with presentations and debates focusing on challenges involving freedom of artistic expression within established and renewed concerns surrounding art production. Through her artistic work Maria Pasenau pushes the boundaries of what’s considered publicly acceptable within old and new public spaces. She tackles the body, gender, sex and identity as shifting categories under constant attack. As much as her work receives attention from the artistic milieu, it is processed with attempted censorship in larger context of affection such as the digital image sphere. How is art influenced by algorithms forming public opinion within the new alleged spaces of “free” expression? With a panel of artists, academics, and critics we will investigate these issues on a general level and with specific case studies, talking about what does artistic expression of expression means today.

The debate will be conducted in English.

Freedom of Artistic Expression in the Digital Age is organised in collaboration with Vega Scene, during Fotobokfestival Oslo 2019.


Wencke Mühleisen (b. 1953) is an author, writer, gender and media professor, and former performance artist. Mühleisen obtained her Post Doc degree from the Center for Gender Research at the University of Oslo in 2008, and was an associate professor at the University of Stavanger from 2008 to 2014. Her research centers around feminist, queer and media theory, and she studies gender and sexuality in film, TV, popular culture and contemporary art.

Tore Slaatta (b. 1957) is a professor and a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Oslo Met. He is the former secretary-general of The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association and professor of media studes at Oslo Met. In 2014, together with Hanne M. Okstad, he wrote the report «Når kunstnere vurderer ytringsfrihet i Norge, anno 2014» (When Artsists Evaluate the Freedom of Expression in Norway, anno 2014). Slaatta has published more than fifty scientific articles, and in 2012 he published the book Digital Makt (Digital Power) with the publishing house Gyldendal.

The White Pube (TWP) is the collaborative art writer's and curator's practice of Gabrielle de la Puente (b. 1994) and Zarina Muhammad (b.1994). De la Puente and Muhammad launched TWP in 2015 as an alternative platform in opposition to ordinary art criticism. TWP applies a less formal language in their writings and emphasise on subjective experiences of art. Through social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, TWP has gained a large international following, and contributed to an increased interest for art criticism amongst a younger audience.

Maria Pasenau (b. 1994) is an artist who lives and works in Oslo. She is educated as a photographer at The Norwegian School of Photography in Trondheim and studied art at Prosjektskolen in Oslo. Pasenau has been part of several group show nationally and internationally including «Faithless Images» (2018) at Norway's National Museum and «Early Works» (2017) at New Galerie in Paris. In 2018 she published the photo book Whit Kind Regrets Pasenau, which reached both national and international audiences. She is one of the youngest artists to have work acquired by Norway's National Museum for their permanent collection. Pasenau is currently presenting her first institutional solo exhibition PASENAU AND THE DEVIL at Fotogalleriet, and is publishing her second artists' book with the exhibition's eponymous title.

Danby Choi (b. 1993) is the editor-in-chief, publisher and CEO of the cultural magazine Subjekt, which he launched in 2012, and an art critic for Norway's largest printed newspaper Aftenposten. Choi has jorunalistic experience from NRK P3, Natt & Dag and Smug. Previously, he has been Head of Communication for Oslo World Music, Graphic Designer for Hovefestivalen and Communication Consultant for by:Larm. He has a BA in journalism from Oslo Met.