Å stupe på grunt vann

Å stupe på grunt vann (translated To dive in shallow water) displays works from 12 photo students at Media and Communication at Elvebakken high school. The project is a regular part of Fotogalleriet's educational program.

The exhibition was opened March 23 by the Deputy Mayor of Oslo Khamshajiny Gunaratnam

The exhibition provides a unique insight into the thoughts of a group of twelve very different artists that has plunged downhill, without knowing how deep the water is. In a youth culture where everything expressed is carefully planned down to the smallest detail, this is a breath of the today's young and promising.

The participating students have themselves been producers of the show, which entails curating, communication, mounting, looking for bathtubs at finn.no and some naked posing in the photo studio. They simply threw themselves over the edge, and now it's time to see how deep the water is.

Producers: Camilla Johansen, Haldis Hognestad Hasler, Iris Slazak Løken, Maud Dedichen og Sigurd Skeidsvoll

Herman Engdahl, William Weng, Sigurd Skeidsvoll, Sunniva K. Hestenes, Haldis Hognestad Hasler, Joachim Michelsen Kvaleng, Camilla Johansen, Iris Slazak Løken, Ingrid Selte, Ali Arshad, Maud Dedichen, Juni Olav.

With this collaboration project Fotogalleriet wants to focus on communication that encourages participation and discussion. We seek to be in active dialogue with the public and realize art's role in society for challenging and creating meaning. For more information contact the head of education Linda Myklebust at [email protected]