In the Dark - a limited podcast series by Fotogalleriet

Fotogalleriet is happy to announce the limited podcast series ‘In The Dark’, launching Friday, December 10th, and streaming on RadiOrakel between December 13-16th 2021.

The podcast, which consists of 3 episodes, two in Norwegian and one in English, isnspired by themes and concerns brought up in Maryam Jafri’s exhibition ‘The Winter of Our Discontent’, showing at Fotogalleriet 3 November - 19 December 2021. Amongst them are the right to be forgotten, the right to be remembered, images, invisibility and power.

Listeners will encounter different voices and perspectives addressing these concerns as they are playing out in the present moment through journalism, consumer protection, collections and archives, international asylum and refugee law, and contemporary art.

Featured interviewees are Finn Myrstad from the Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet), tech journalist Vilde M. Horvei, social anthropologist and research librarian Michelle Tisdel, artist Yohannes Mekonnen, artist Marianne Heier, and Jon Ole Martinsen from NOAS — Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers.

The podcast is produced and hosted by Fotogalleriet’s Head of Mediation Håkon Lillegraven in collaboration with Andreas Foldberg. The episodes will also air on Radiorakel, the world’s oldest feminist radio station, between December 13—16th. RadiOrakel is available in Oslo on FM 99,3 and worldwide on radiorakel.no.

The production has been made possible with support from Stiftelsen Fritt Ord (The Free Speech Foundation).