Sign and share: Petition in support of Nordland kunst- og filmhøgskole

A statement from Artistic Director Antonio Cataldo on behalf of Fotogalleriet:

"It is sad to see our colleagues working with image-making in the North in peril of their future at one of the most unique and forward-looking schools in the country. The high quality and uniqueness of the school speak for itself through the outstanding achievement of its alumni, professors and programmes.

Only at Fotogalleriet, in the past three years, we have hosted exhibitions, screenings, and other programmes with professors, students, and visiting lecturers and associates of the school including Knut Åsdam, Sara Eliassen, Marin Håskjold, Daisuke Kosugi, Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong, and Dora García.

Providing educational programmess shaping independent and critical minds is the task of a healthy and democratic society and in the hands of visionary authorities.

Support Nordland kunst- og filmhøgskole! Sign the petition!"

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Read an article written by students at the school (in Norwegian) here: