Fotogalleriet is pleased to announce a call for artistic submissions to partake in the exhibition venue’s 2019/20 programming. Local and international artists working within the expanded field of photography and light-induced processes are welcomed to submit material pertaining to their practices, together with a draft proposal for a project to be further developed within the spaces of the institution. Fotogalleriet accepts applications of artworks that have been independently produced in need of a first space for critical exhibition; projects that are still in the making; and exciting proposals to be newly produced.

Fotogalleriet will provide technical and curatorial guidance for the completion of the selected project, as well as the possibility to develop an ad-hoc learning and discursive programme strongly connected to the project’s concepts.

Fotogalleriet, an institution located in central Oslo, is dedicated to the exhibition and investigation of photography as a critical art practice related to shaping light and environments in cultural-political and conceptual forms. Since its inception, it has challenged the very concept of photography by presenting a diverse variety of well-established and upcoming positions within and around the photographic field, through the work of artists such as Diane Arbus, Lene Berg, Bill Brandt, Ida Ekblad, Ane Hjort Guttu, Matias Faldbakken, Marianne Heier, Christian Jankowski, Amar Kanwar, Kåre Kivijärvi, Lars Lauman, Eline Mugaas, Helmut Newton, Clemens von Wedemeyer, and Christopher Williams, among others.

We welcome emerging and established artists to share challenging projects to be realised, substantiated by a sense of urgency for finalisation as well as ideas for completion and feasibility.

More information about the application process can be found below:

Sunday, 19 August

All practising artists are eligible to apply, either as individual artists or collectives who have or do not have a collaborative working practice.

A minimum budget will be allocated to this project from Fotogalleriet. We do not require the submission of a budget proposal, though as additional funding might be required according to the parameters of the project we welcome proposals and ideas on funding opportunities for the full realisation of large-scale projects and new commissions.

・Floor plan
Fotogalleriet’s floor plan is available here. The floor plan is only a reference. At this stage we do not require for the project to be drawn within the exhibition space, and we invite you to think beyond this space, as the basis for a successful application will be quality, inventiveness, coherence to one’s own practice and the ability to rethink and challenge categories from within the field.

You can submit your application via e-mail to: [email protected].
Please do not send attachments whose total size is greater than 20MB.

Make sure to attach the following supporting material in your application:

  1. A short project description or proposal (no more than 2 pages);
  2. A resume or CV including name, address, and telephone number;
  3. Preferably a PDF of 10 images (no more than 10MB in total) or 10 images in JPEG (*.jpg) format up to 2MB each – you may also send a link to the files. Maximum 2 video links (if applicable);
  4. Scanned copies of 2-3 reviews (if applicable), or a short statement discussing your work, experience and intellectual interests (no more than 2 pages).

All documentation must either be in a Scandinavian language or English.

・Selection process
A jury consisting of Fotogalleriet’s Artistic Director together with a minimum of two reputed professionals from within the field will access and review the applications. Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt. Shortlisted artists may be contacted by Fotogalleriet and requested further information about the proposed project before the final decision is made.

Please feel free to call Martina Petrelli at (+47) 22 20 05 59 or email her at [email protected], if you have any further queries.


Started in a basement in 1977 by renowned artists Dag Alveng and Tom Sandberg together with Bjørn Høyum as the first institution of its kind for hothousing cutting edge photographic practices in Norway, Fotogalleriet has since then been dedicated to exhibiting local and international art practices, and analysing the rapidly expanding nature of a field unrestricted by technological and aesthetic shifts. Through its commitment to research and engagement with artists, Fotogalleriet is a leading institution within the field of image making.