Let's Talk

Oslo, 9 November 2020

Let’s Talk

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Visitors, Neighbours, Passers-by and Fellow Citizens close and far,

Starting this week and until the end of the month our physical space in Møllergata will remain closed to the public due to the new local regulations regarding COVID 19 in Oslo. Nevertheless, we are still available for you. You can call us anytime!

The best way to support art is to support artists and their power to speak freely, and to do both we must continue to speak about art. The intimacy of our conversations related to small and large societal questions gets lost in the coldness of digital space. Here we can only speak formally conjuring up an atmosphere of division where we are literally boxed in screens. To counter this we invite you to call and ask us any questions you may have regarding images and more: what do they want, how to install them, or how they affect your life, love, work and beyond. To keep finding motivation and feedback amidst this period where a great number of physical exhibitions, projects and public presentations are temporarily closed, you can simply reach out to us to hear a friendly voice. We want to see you, more formally, in our digital gatherings, but you can also count on us to help combat these challenging times in a more personal way.

We are living under straining circumstances where the most vulnerable aspects of our societies are at stake, demanding our solidarity and continuous vigilance in order for democracy not to succumb to returning forms of normativity, and loneliness. As the pandemic emphasises and enlarges systemic gaps of social inequalities, and the local and global public spheres shrink to digital platforms as a result of social distancing, you can continue discussing your concerns with us. Fostered by what we know how to do best, and through our daily love and care for people, art can act as an engine driving civil society, where we can collectively challenge structures of inequity in a climate of social dissonance.

As a space dedicated to knowledge production through the work of artists, we want to continue testing and challenging ideas and preconceptions. This is why we are invested in our public responsibility to find different forms of collectiveness, which cannot be limited by the restriction of not meeting physically. We are already imagining programmes for the future and we welcome propositions, formal and informal thoughts, in order to come together with a common desire for change, and also, simply, just to hear from you.

Fotogalleriet's staff are not mental health professionals. We encourage every one who are experiencing mental health issue, to seek professional guidance through, as for example Mental helses helpline (open 24 hours a day): 116 123. A list of other helplines and websites for professional care can be found here: If it is a matter of life and death, call 113.

Touch base with us. Tell us about you,

Touch base with us.
Tell us about you,

Antonio, Artistic director,
T: +47 469 74 035 E: [email protected]

Una, Head of production and administration
T: +47 418 54 649 E: [email protected]

Håkon, Head of mediation
T: +47 966 47 505 E: [email protected]

Alf, Art handler and technician
T: +47 466 60 609 E: [email protected]

Sindre, Mediator
E: [email protected]

Linn, Mediation intern
E: [email protected]

Arash, Press and communication consultant
E: [email protected]

Niels, Digital content consultant
T: +45 203 61 534 E: [email protected]

Morten, Anne, Thora and Andreas, Board of directors

E: [email protected]