Le Book Club – Chapter 5

12.02.2020 - 16.02.2020
OPENING 12.02.2020, 18:00

Fotogalleriet, in collaboration with Norwegian artist Nina Strand and Paris-based duo Anna Planas and Pierre Hourquet, is proud to presents Le Book Club. An exhibition dedicated to the photobook as an exhibition space of its own, divided into different, weekly chapters

The photobook is a body in transition, a body that is able to permeate different spaces and times (not just those commonly defined as the authoritative exhibitions spaces). Its migratory movement challenges the political architecture and colonial patriarchy of the exhibition space. To make and hold a photobook is to go on a journey: political, sexual, geographical, corporeal, which radically transforms both the travelling object and the receiver welcoming it, since wherever it journeys, the photobook enters new contexts, new communities, gains temporary nationalities and contests boarders.

In five chapters unravelling over five weeks, the exhibition Le Book Club will explore the photobook as an exhibition space. Through the creation of a deconstructed, expanded and experimental display space, we will see and test the photographic image in different ways, attempting to avoid stereotypes and given representations. A key question will be whether the book can be the primary exhibition space. And if so, what will that exhibition space be?


February 12 - February 16

February 12, 18:00-20:00:
Opening of Carmen Winant's «Notes on Fundamental Joy».

Notes on Fundamental Joy is an experimental work that sits at the cross section of an artist's project and historical document. The archival images are drawn from Womyn's Lands – lesbian, feminist separatists communities in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in the 1960s-80s, with a particular emphasis on Ovulars, a series of dedicated photography workshops.

For Fotogalleriet, Winant presents the historical context, in the form of pamphlets that helped shape her honorific project. It will include the never-before exhibited contact sheets of Carol Newhouse, one of the Womyn photographers who organised Ovulars and participated in queer, lesbian liberation, and also a series of images by Honey Lee Cottrell.


Carmen Winant is an artist and writer based in Columbus, OH, USA. She is the Roy Lichtenstein Endowed Chair of Studio Art at the Ohio State University. Winant's work utilises installation and collage strategies to examine feminist modes of survival and revolt. She is a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow in photography. Recent exhibition include W.A.R., Cave, 2019; Body/Index, Stene Projects, 2018, and Pictures of Women Working, Skibum MacArthur, 2016. Publications include My Birth, published by SPBH Editions (UK) concurrent with her MoMA exhibition of 2018; My Life as a Man, published by Horses Think Press, with original text contributions by Moyra Davey, Matthew Brannon, Michael Ned Holte, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jonathan Griffin, John Yau, Courtney Fiske, Ross Simonini, Sarah McMenimen and Geoffrey Hilsabeck.


Fotogalleriet's principal funding comes from The Arts Council Norway. Additional funding is provided by the Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo). Partial funding comes from the Royal Ministry of Culture through their exhibition's honorarium programme and Oslo Municipality. The exhibition Le Book Clubhas been made possible by the generous support of the Fritt Ord Foundation, Acción Cultural Española and Pro Helvetia. Fotogalleriet also wants to extend thanks for the kind collaboration with Forbundet Frie Fotografer (FFF).