I am a quick learner, adaptable, motivated, self-assured, I put my heart into everything I do, I’m trustworthy, I work overtime, I’m single, I will never have kids, and getting any gig would be my biggest dream.

Cashflow, career aspirations, horrorscopes and class structures – are just some of the ingredients in the multipart pilot of Days that premieres on Thursday, 15 October at Fotogalleriet.

Days is an experimental soap opera initiated by Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong, substituting the ‘anywhere, anytime’ world of the American soap series Days of Our Lives, with the reality of contemporary Berlin. Produced by and about the lifestyles of a growing class of precarious laborers, the show Days asks: what does the precariat think, feel and understand about the world around them, and how can we find resilience in this increasingly absurd reality?

The first episode of Days jumps into the lives of a group of the show’s characters and reveals a complex web of converging interests in a construction worker’s seemingly insignificant store front space. A Berlin newcomer has an existential crisis based on misplaced spiritual guidance, and tries to get a better ‘look’. Meanwhile a straight personal trainer tries to seduce a transitioning intellectual, but is it true love or do they both have ulterior motives?

Follow the daytime drama in person until Sunday, 29 November.

The pilot episode of Days, is written by Aasgaard and Armstrong together with a growing group of Berlin-based filmmakers and writers: Lene Berg, Seán Gallen, JP Horstmann and Zain Saleh. The sets are produced in collaboration with the Berlin-based artists 333 Boyz, Ulrike Buck, Bob Kil, Nicholas Korody and Elizabeth Ravn. The cast includes: Alaa Abdullatif, Andrea Birmingham, Jens Bluemlein, Julie Chance, Juan Carlos Cuadrado, Murat Dikenci, Ana Kavalis, Meri Koivisto, Marie Noël, Ottokar Lehrner, Fan Popo, Robin Schick, Elena Schmidt, Ruth Rosenfeld and Kotti Yun.

Is your lifestyle precarious? Do you live in Oslo? Sign up to audition for becoming a soap opera star and pretend to own an electric truck for 1 day. Keep your eyes peeled for our open call announcement!

Fotogalleriet's principal funding comes from The Arts Council Norway. Additional funding is provided by the Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo). Partial funding comes from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Oslo Municipality.

The exhibition and soap opera Days has been made possible through with generous support from The Art Council Norway, the Relief Fund for Visual Artists (BKH) and the Fritt Ord Foundation.