Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong are looking for two actors for the experimental soap opera Days.

Days is a periodical experimental video series, which adapts the ‘anywhere, anytime’ world of the American soap opera Days of Our Lives. Produced by and about the lifestyles of a growing class of precarious laborers, who will work anywhere any time, our show Days asks: what does the precariat think, feel and understand about the world around them, and how can we find resilience in this increasingly absurd reality. True to the soap opera, Days has more dialogue than action and focuses on discussions of daily labor practices; immaterial labor, unpaid labor and emotional labor.

For the pilot episode of Days, we’re shooting 4 scenes in Oslo, all of which feature two characters, Gitte and Geir, who are in a car driving to Berlin to deal with a rental property. Gitte is an aspiring property developer living beyond her means, approaching a kind of existential crisis that allows her imagination to be overactive. She’s engaged her friend/brother/who really knows Geir as an “assistant" to help her sort out some less-than-profitable property arrangements in Berlin. Geir is a poet dreaming his way through life, while trying to learn all the languages of the world and he thinks, with the help of Gitte, that he might be able to do that better in Berlin.

To cast these two roles we’d like to invite people (actors, performers and non-actors), who can relate to the precarious lifestyles of the characters, to have an on-camera conversation/interview/audition with Aasgaard and Armstrong. The audition will last for approximately 45 minutes and take place 17., 18. or 19. October in Aasgaard and Armstrongs on-going exhibition at Fotogalleriet. Here, the invited performers will be introduced to the project and the set – that is a part of the exhibition. The performers should be Norwegain and English speaking, and must be available to shoot on 21. October.

Are you Gitte or Geir?

Send your CV, an image of yourself and a sentence or two where you explain why you are interested in the project to [email protected] by Wednesday 14. October.

Fotogalleriet's principal funding comes from The Arts Council Norway. Additional funding is provided by the Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo). Partial funding comes from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Oslo Municipality.

The exhibition and soap opera Days has been made possible through with generous support from The Art Council Norway, the Relief Fund for Visual Artists (BKH) and the Fritt Ord Foundation.