Two new appointments at Fotogalleriet

Fotogalleriet is pleased to announce the appointment of Håkon Lillegraven as new Head of Mediation, and Sindre Husebø as Mediator.

These two new positions bring a range of expertise complementary to that already in place within the rest of the team. They will enrich the discussions on issues relating to social transformation, production and reproduction of knowledge, and novel partnerships of the arts.

Håkon Lillegraven is a curator, arts communicator and producer who most recently worked for the Oslobiennalen, and Sindre Husebø is an art historian who has worked for a number of local institutions including the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.

"Formidling, a complex Norwegian word encompassing learning, mediation and communications, has been key to Fotogalleriet since its very beginning bringing a tension between the local and the international field in order to shape consciousness about experimental photo practices catalyzing change within a global society where the relation between people is mediated by images. We are happy to welcome Håkon and Sindre to the Fotogalleriet team to re-imagine together the future of our institution serving local and international audiences," asserts Antonio Cataldo, Artistic Director at Fotogalleriet.

Håkon Lillegraven says, “I look forward to working with Antonio and the Fotogalleriet team to develop a programme in line with the exhibition space’s high artistic standards and personable approach."

"I am pleased to be joining the team at Fotogalleriet, and to take an active part in shaping the exhibition space's mediation programme," states Sindre Husebø.

Håkon Lillegraven, photo by Chiara Dalla Rosa

Sindre Husebø