The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (FFF), in collaboration with Fotogalleriet are delighted to invite you to the 40th edition of Spring Exhibition, which is shown in Oslo and Bodø. FFF has always intended to expand the program nationally. This year, alongside the exhibition at Fotogalleriet, there is also a satellite exhibition with two of the artists from this year's collaboration with NŌUA og Stormen kunst/dájdda in Bodø.

We welcome all of you to the opening of Spring Exhibition Saturday May 8th in Bodø, and look forward to also opening in Oslo when we know more. In the meantime, you can both peak through the windows of Fotogalleriet and experience the Spring Exhibition digitally. The link to the official website will be released on Saturday May 8th.

The Spring Exhibition has since its foundation in 1976 been an important part of Norwegian contemporary art scene. With 45 years of contribution with a variety of editions, The Spring Exhibition has played a pivotal role in promoting the role of art photography in the Norwegian contemporary art field. Being part of an enduring tradition of Salon, the exhibition is based on open submissions selected by a jury consisting of experienced artists from the art photography field. Each edition gives an insight to the various perspectives of current contemporary artists.

During the viewing of the 40th edition, there will also be exhibition- and artist videos available on the official website. Also follow FFF and Fotogalleriet on Instagram for more information and insight into the exhibitions in Oslo and Bodø.

The Spring Exhibition was established in 1976 by approval of FFF's annual general meeting. As an opposition to The Autumn Exhibition, the official Salon for showcasing contemporary art in Norway, the Spring Exhibition was established to ensure the inclusion and exposure of camera-based art practices in the contemporary art field. It is an annual group exhibition selected by a jury of fellow art professionals based on an open call.

Since 2010, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists has annually announced and awarded the Art Photography Prize, Norway's largest photography award, to the artist with the most significant work displayed in the exhibition.

This year's jury 2021 has consisted of Bjørn-Henrik Lybeck, Hanne Hammer Stien, Marianne Bjørnmyr and Shwan Dler Qaradaki.

The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (Forbundet Frie Fotografer/FFF) was initiated and established by Knut Evensen and Robert Meyer in 1974, in a time when camera-based art sought to be acknowledged as an artistic medium. FFF has since then become a nationwide members association dedicated to working strategically for its members in art politics and art education, and communicating the importance of art photography in Norway.

Fotogalleriet is the oldest fotohalle of the Nordic Countries, and has since its start in 1977 aimed at exhibiting photography as a critical art practice engaging with social issues, as well as building bridges between the national and international discourse around photography. Fotogalleriet's main goal is to promote and strengthen photography as a free tool of artistic expression. Since 1978, Fotogalleriet has collaborated closely with FFF in the production of the Spring Exhibition.

NŌUA is an artist-run arena for photography as contemporary art in the center of Bodø. NŌUA collaborates with artists, curators, writers and art historians from home and abroad to create a program that promotes conversations and innovation around photography as contemporary art and presents relevant art productions and artistry. NŌUA's program of lectures, artist talks and exhibitions, as well as a photo book collection, is presented primarily in their premises in Bodø, but sometimes also out of town and abroad in collaboration with external actors.

Stormen kunst / dájdda is a display room for contemporary art in Stormen library. The exhibition room has an exhibition program that runs throughout the year and the exhibitions are free and open to everyone. Curator is from 2021 Stian Hansen.

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