Let's Talk About Images

Let's Talk About Images is a series of talks re-starting Fotogalleriet's commitment to the discursive aspect of photography, at the forefront of international discussions, rooted in local practitioners. The series aims to reinforce connections across Norwegian and international artists and photographers, as well as to create a collective asset for investigation of photography as a critical art practice related to shaping light and environments in cultural-political and conceptual forms.


・1 November 2018, 19:00
Syrian artist Khaled Barakeh and Norwegian storyteller Terje Abusdal in conversation with UiO’s PhD candidate Sara Rundgren Yazdani will talk about crafting the image of people in zones of conflict and how to redefine a different identity in zones dominated by a mass media representation.

・15 November 2018, 17:00
Bouchra Khalili in conversation with Marianne Hultman and Antonio Cataldo will talk about about solidarity and image building through the Norwegian support of African liberation movements during the 1970s.

・22 November 2018, 17:00
Norwegian artist Eline Mugaas and Swiss publisher Delphine Bedel in conversation with Norwegian editor Tine Semb will talk about publishing from a feminist perspective.

・29 November 2018, 17:00
Visual artist Heba Y. Amin in conversation will talk about the image of corporate politics and utopian planning.

・6 December 2018, 17:00
Norwegian artist Knut Åsdam in conversation will talk about definition of the self into urban contested landscapes, through production of images and its distribution in physical spaces.

・13 December 2018, 17:00
Maria Pasenau in conversation will do a poetry reading, as part of her photographic production.